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Traditional exercise and why I changed my perception about it. The gym or many other forms of exercise have become a place where many people tune “OUT” mentally versus tuning “IN” to pay attention to their bodies and be mindful about what they are doing. Exercisers can be more concerned with the number of reps versus doing the movements in proper alignment or to activate the proper muscles. The concept of the more “pain” the bigger the gain is still the goal in many exercise regimes. 

At Therapeutic Pilates, we teach you to feel the correct muscles doing the correct action while listening to your body. The goal is to align the bones in the proper position for better movement. We want you to feel stronger and move better.

Clients often describe the feeling at the end of a session as; “I feel taller, lighter and there is more ease as I walk and move.” 

You achieve this feeling by engaging muscles you have sometimes never felt work before. You will learn what it feels like when muscles and bones move and work correctly, and the difference in how it feels when your alignment is not ideal.

At Therapeutic Pilates, we encourage you to tune in and pay attention to what your body is doing during your session, which can be a challenge if you’re used to watching TV or making your grocery list while you work out. People often report feeling their brains are more fatigued than their bodies after a great Pilates session. The level of concentration and control required from their minds to move the body correctly is mind body exercise. The gains from this mindful movement or Pilates exercise can be profound. Improve muscle strength, nervous system response, posture and create optimal movement patterns in everyday life and recreational activities.